The consulting engineering, architectural & land surveying firm of md+a was established in 1975 to provide Civil Engineering, Land Surveying & Architectural services for Southeastern Washington State. Our 4-person office is well staffed for the number of projects that we are qualified for and the projects that we select to undertake, since not all projects fit our experiences. Our Firm's strength is based on repeat clients with governmental agencies and many other private developers in the Region. Our Firm is very selective of the type and number of projects that it undertakes and to the geographic location of the projects, which are restricted to the Southeastern Washington Region.

md+a's office for the past 37 years has been in Pullman and is located at the Port of Whitman County Industrial Park.
md+a's new office building is equipped with all the latest facilities and equipment and we regularly utilize the latest software for structures, mapping (2 GPS systems), for the design of sites, buildings, streets & utilities projects.


The Principals of the Firm of md+a consist of three Professionals with multi licenses. The 36 year-old Firm is multi-disciplined and concentrates its work mainly in Whitman County.

md+a 's Personnel list consist of;

  • Robert A. Murtha, PLS - A graduate of State University of N.Y. at Alfred, (A in L.S.) Robert has over 35 years experience in land surveying and public works-type projects. He would be in charge of researching right-of-ways, bench-marks and property ownership at the County Court House and the local title insurance agencies. He schedules, coordinates, and set the basic control points for mapping and preparing the final site maps, and set bench marks for the construction controls.
  • Munir A. Daud, PE/RA/PLS - A graduate of W.S.U., (B.S.C.E. & Architecture) Munir Daud has at least 43 years experience in the field of public works projects. He would be in charge of the coordination of the Firm of md+a with the client. His past experiences included; preparation of engineering reports, master comprehensive planning, capital improvement plans, environmental assessments, land-use/zone applications, design of improvements, parking lots, sites, pathways, buildings, cost estimates, alternate approaches to project goals and objectives, and detailing of the improvements.
  • Robert K. Aberth, PE/PLS - A graduate of W.S.U. (B.S.C.E.) and State University of N.Y. at Alfred, (A in L.S.) Robert has over 36 years experience in civil engineering & land surveying and in public works-type projects. Robert would work on field data collection, design of roads & utilities, and detailed design of improvements. Robert also is in charge of quality control and field construction staking and cost estimates.